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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year from Jay, and A. Vitullos & Sons and A.T. Harris

Have a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2006!

Something a little different today before I get to back to golf. I want to thank A. Vitullo & Sons of Utica, NY for many years of terrfic formal and businesswear. Being an Italian from Upstate New York, it's a miracle I'm literate. (Relax everybody! It's a joke!) But even though upstate New York gets a bad rep for cold weather and a lack of restaurants, they have a great deal to be proud of up there...family values not the least of which.

One of the area's great secrets for generations is now ready for its closeup. A. Vitullo & Sons has provided world class formal and business wear to refined gentlemen for four generations. Now they have become an official outfitter of the gentlemen who work for the Martha Stewart show and will be prominently featured later this month on Martha's morning show. Just as every gentleman should own good suits, so to should he own his own formal wear and the tux I bought at Vitullo's has gotten me through two Grammys, several New Years Eve's and various nights on the town with ex-girlfriends. My outfit below is from Vitullo's, excepting the shirt and the white half vest, tie and scarf that I alternate in on occasions, which were proivided by A.T. Harris of New York City. Vitullo's is located at the New Hartford Shopping Center in New Hartford, NY and while you get New York City or Paris serrvice and quality, you get an amazing price as well. Even if you are from NYC, make the trek up there and you will not be disappointed. As every NYCer knows, anybody can find a great $60 steak, the trick is to find the great $20 steak that loks and tastes like $60. You kow how New Yorkers flock to Woodbury Outlets for bargains and quality? You now have a new destination.

A.T. Harris, also a Rolls Royce of fine men's formal wear is also a must for a gentleman's wardrobe and is located on 44th Street between Lexington and Madison in NYC on the second floor. When you go in there, just smile politely when they tell you how many presidents and mayors they outfit, it's part of the routine. But hey, they certainly have earned the reputation.

Speaking of New Years Eve, best wishes to my team, to Nancy (great pick with Ra, Luxor - and Red Square), all my clients, friends, family, the Golf Observer team, the Golf Magazine team, Chelsea, Rocky, BFS, Lee and Sherri, Czabe, Paris, Cameron, The Downings, David Rose, Jay K, Bob C., the Pho Society, the Honor Roll (If you know I love and respect you, you made the honor roll;), GCA, Brian, Jim, Tim, Tom from Traverse, Dan and Jennifer in N.C., Jeff Levy and the RobRit Law team, J9, Taylor Crothers, Whitney, and one more person...ALL YOU READERS! May God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true.


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