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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Golf and human rights in India?

Here's one from the "Tales of the Golfing Weird"...thanks to Robert Sommers.

Apparently, players on the losing side of matches in India are notorious for taking their frustration out on their caddy...with a whip.

No...seriously...a sign on the clubhouse bulletin board of the Chandigarh G.C. lists harsh penalties to stem the seemingly widespread practice of caddy beating. The message, posted by club secretary Sudhar Varma warned, "This is a very bad habit, especially on the part of the players that are losing. (Author's Note: Especially by the losers??? What, the WINNERS beat the caddies too? Why don't they just ritually disembowel them like the ancient Mayans? Sheesh!) If there are any further reports of caddy beating, strict diciplinary action will be taken against the measure."

My guess is Varma then went home to referee a nice quiet cockfight. And these guys have nuclear weapons???

I wonder what Jam Boy would say...

Next time I see y'all, it'll be on Texas Time.


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