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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is Kimberly Kim the next Michelle Wie?

So Steve Czaban has this to say about Kimbwerly Kim and Michelle Wie:

"How ‘bout that Kim Kim? You know, Kimberly Kim, the 14 year old Hawaiian who won the US Women’s Amatuer last weekend?

Oh, didn’t hear much about her? Wonder why. I mean, SHE’S ONLY 14!!!!

Funny how the YOUNGEST EVER winner of the Women’s US AM, gets virtually no media bump, even though Miss Rolex never won that event herself. Not at 14, not at 15, not at 16.

The media hype machine has spoken loud and clear. We only have space on the “shelf” for ONE teenage golfing phenom. And her name is Michelle. And that’s all we are selling. Now everybody else, please go away."

Just three thoughts today. Why not give Paula Creamer/Morgan Pressel/Natalie Gulbis a shot one time? Why not give the winner of the Women's Open a bid to the Men's Open? Why not give the LPGA Championship winner a big to the PGA Championship?


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