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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Lets all give a polite golf clap to some blog newcomers...and click on their links to check out their copy. First media guru has assembled a great conglomerate of golf blogs at http://hookedongolf.blogspot.com.

Next, have a cocktail in the Bogey Lounge, a fun irreverent golf site. Its at http://bogeylounge.com

Also, please keep checking in with other great golf writers Erik Barzeski (www.thesandtrap.com)

Robert Thompson: http://goingforthegreen.blogspot.com

MJ and the best golf jokes going: www.mjongolf.com

There's also plenty of fun at www.golfblogger.com, so pop in for a visit there too.

and of course Musey: http://golfersmuse.blogspot.com

Finally, if you look at the blogroll and buttons, you'll see some new toys I am particularly keen on. First, HOW BOUT THAT PINK FLOYD BUTTON! Is that cool or what? Right above Old Glory, my American Blogger button. Next, you can get Firefox, the hottest new Internet Browser and Thunderbird, a new email program. No more pop-ups, viruses or spyware! Also, there's great music on my list too...Bowling For Soup, Phish, Samsara and free LEGAL downloads at Mashboxx. Legal free music that the music industry sanctions! That's a bargain all day long! Plus there are great golf courses, great golf designers and the ever popular "Smelly Hippies Click Here!"

The coolest buttons, the brightest blog-buddies, the newest software, the hottest music - who's got a better blog list and buttons than A Walk in the Park?

Nobody, that's who! :):)


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