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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Boston Public Golf and architect Brian Silva

I'm off to Boston to interview one of my favorite architects, Brian Silva. I'll be reporting here and at Travel Golf soon. In short, Silva had a recent epiphany about blending old architectural design tricks and philosophies with more artistic shaping and lines. I call this blend neo-classic. He is a brilliant historian of architecture as well. Three great Boston plays: 1 Waverly Oaks, his tribute to Seth Raynor, but where he also began testing some of his bolder lines. I love the par-3s there especially. 2. Shaker Hills has fallen off alot of rater's lists, but I love it. Great par-3 and par-5s there. Finally, Red Tail is his most modern public course to date - a bold breakout and one which commanded the willing and accepting attention of his peers. I'll play Black Rock tomorrow. In the meantime, welcome some new bloggers and old friends. Everyone should read Geoff Shackelford. He's an accomplished author and a gentleman writer. He's on that short list of good people I call the Honor Roll.

Next, Texas Golf Blog by Bogey McDuff and Jam Boy are fun reads. Finally, www.syberlete.com is a good sports blog.

Finally, Steve Czaban had my sides splitting with his genius pieces about Ontario Smith and also the Marquette U. nickname change. I love it! Long live "Chingy and Blingy." These are a must, MUST read.


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