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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My best friend is a hero!

From the "and I thought I was doing cool stuff" page, here's a great feel good story. My best friend, entertainment lawyer David Rose of Pryor Cashman Sherman & Flynn saved some guy's life last week. Apparently while waiting in line at Tony Luke's Restaurant, some fella started choking on his cheese steak. According to the store manager, "before you could say 'Add mushrooms please' David had him up in the air and dislodged the blockage."

We need more selfless, noble, virtuous people like David in this world. Not a day goes by where I don't count my blessings that I have a friend like him.

On another note, my buddy Lee Sossen just entered his first triatholon ever...AND WON!!! Can you say "over achiever." Lee used to be a star player on my New Hartford soccer team that routinely crushed all opposition like eleven floppy grapes. Lee is another stalwart guy. A man who dreams big, makes it happen and accepts all his good fortune with an aw shucks smile and a nod to the team around him.

You have heard me talk before about the "Honor Roll" - that short list of superlative, virtuous, noble people who make everyone around them look good and make life better to live. David and Lee are both there...in spades. Who else is on the Honor Roll? Oh, Cameron Myler. Jay Fialkov. Rob Thompson. Steve Czaban. Jeff Levy. Janine Small. Bob Donnelly. Peter Glass. Nancy Carpenter. Whitney. BFS. Rebecca. There's plenty more. They'll do superhuman things from time to time and I'll tell you about them.


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