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Friday, September 30, 2005

Tifosi sunglasses, golfdash.com and Michelle Ramoni

Three bits of housekeeping today.

First, Tifosi, a Georgia company sent me two pairs of sunglasses to try on the golf course. The specs are supposed to cut out not only harmful UV rays, but are designed to provide sharp clarity of vision.

I hate wearing sunglasses on the golf course, no matter how bright, but I have to say after being completely skeptical, I have become a believer. I am horribly nearsighted and have a serious astigmatism to boot. They turned me from Mr. Magoo to lasik clear. I simply could not believe it. They are also great for driving. I can't wait to try them skiing.

Only issue - the colors are awful!!! Halloween-flourescent orange and "gunmetal card-chair" grey. Guys! How bout black or french blue?

Click here to see their products.

Next, meet a good new blog/site on the block, Golfdash. (www.golfdash.com). It's a combination golf search engine/internet encyclopaedia for everything from products to travel. The site is well done. Give it a test drive and tell me what you think. Here is what their press release reads:

"With the launch of GolfDash, golfers, golf industry professionals and anyone needing access to golf information has immediate access to over 3500 indexed golf links. www.golfdash.com is designed to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with internet search engines, mainly irrelevant, outdated and off-topic hits. The new site eliminates having to try 50 or 100 web sites to find the right one.
On GolfDash, anyone looking for internet information about golf instruction, rules, real estate or course management – to name just a few topics– can find it quickly by navigating the site index or doing a quick search of the site links. Already the site contains more than 3500 links and this number is expected to increase rapidly as users and members submit their own recommendations.

Finally, congratulations to actress Michelle Ramoni, who gave a virtuoso performance as Shakespeare's epic character Puck in the NYC production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Michelle provided a sensual, fluid flair to the impish character mixing a sultry alto voice with well honed ballet-dance grace of movement. She was irreverent, confident and controlled every scene in which she appeared. Her long curly red hair and alluring demeanor made for one of the sexiest, yet most authentic Puck's portrayed. Kudos also to the actor who played Bottom - the boorish churl who is jinxed by Puck to wear an asses head with which he woos the faerie queen Titania. Look for Michelle and her True North Ensemble in NYC.


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