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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Golf News - Geoff Shackelford and JIm Engh

Lots of great golf architecture news today.

First Geoff Shackelford's new book Lines of Charm is available now. See Geoff's site for details. For those of you tha are curious, the "line of charm" was discussed by Dr. Mackenzie and Max Behr in their writings. Briefly, the "line of charm" is the result of putting hazards in the direct line of flight between the tee and the hole to interject strategy and interest to the hole. "Sex appeal" as Jim Engh puts it. By having hazards in the way, options are created, which is what great golf is all about. See also Alistair Mackenzie's The Spirit of St. Andrews and Shackelford's Grounds for Golf.

Geoff is also building The Prairie Club with Gil Hanse and the Rustic Canyon team. You can follow the evolution of the course on his site. Break a leg, Geoff;)

Next Rob Thompson and Melanie Hauser have poignant pieces about Michelle Wie. Melanie's is over at Golf Observer, Rob's at Going for the green.

Meanwhile, I'll have more on Doak, Engh, Colorado Golf, Michigan Golf and The Good Doctor (Dr. Alistair Mackenzie) coming shortly.