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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The "Jazzies!" - Jay Flemma's Golf Course and golf writing awards

I realized last week that on November 16th I will complete my first full year as a published golf writer. Coincidentally, with the New Year rapidly approaching, most writers turn to introspective "year in review" columns. So happily, I am introducing ***drum roll please***

THE JAZZIES - Jay's Golf Course and writing awards!

That's right, besides other articles over the next week, I will be handing out various 2005 "Best of" awards. Some categories include "Best golf article," "Best golf writer," "Best new public course," "Best new private course," "Best classic design," "Best hole of the year" and many other categories.

In other news, folowing up on yesterday's article about the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders bar bathroom sex romp, Steve Czaban reports, "They have since been released from the cheer squad. And yes, the Vikings have decided to pick them up off of waivers.