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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Morgan Pressel turns pro

The golf media may be star struck by Michelle Wie, but they better break out the band-aids and bactine cause they are gonna get burned. Nothing galls them worse than when they are wrong about someone they themselves anointed as the chosen one. (See Mickelson, Phil and the SAVAGING he had to endure before breaking the "0 for whatever" streak in majors by beating that ape on his back to death with a gap wedge.)

The worst case scenario just came to pass. Morgan Pressel is turning pro...and she's got game, spunk and ice water in her veins.

Pressel is 115 pounds of Tonka-tough steel, baby. Lets review for a minute...just in case anybody tries to run some "revisionist history" past you in your next water cooler discussion.

Pressel handed Wie her lungs head to head every single time they have met face to face.

At the U.S. Open, while Wie was stamping her foot in frustration and offering those Tiger-esque pained expressions every two holes on her way to a tidy 82, Pressel had the throttle floored and was licking her chops. You could see it in her eyes...she was ready to flatten Birdie Kim. It took a lighning bolt lucky shot of the highest order...of epic magnatude...to steal that tournament from her.

Hey, you'd shed a tear too if you got jobbed like that at the U.S. Open at age 16.

Two weeks later, it took a pitch in from the next county to derail the Pressel train. She was criticized for throwing her clubs into the trunk of her grandfather's car and pouting a little.

Of course she was gonna throw a club and pout! LIKE EVERYBODY SAYS ABOUT WIE...SHE IS ONLY 16...and she just got robbed again in a stroke of unbelieveable luck for the second time in two weeks. Hell, I threw my clubs in the car and pouted after throwing a junior club championship to a badly-dressed chump...at that age it's understandable.

Sure, sometimes you lose, but you never have to LIKE IT.

So what did she do? She ran over everybody at the US Women's Amateur. The locker room was abuzz with the same sentiments each day by competitor after competitor. "Did you get hit by that train?" Pass the band-aids and bactine. Morgan's cleanin' house!

Pressel plays with reckless abandon...and that's just how Joe and Jane Citizen like it. We love OVERACHIEVERS, not anointed stars. We love players with passion, not pampers. We love feel good stories of hard work and determination, not privilege and pandering.

You take one look at Pressel and you see one look in her eyes...RESOLVE. All she needs is time. She has a killer instinct I have seen in only two other women players...Annika and Paula Creamer.

Pressel made 7 apearances on the Ladies' Tour last year and cracked the top 25 every time. HAD SHE BEEN ALLOWED TO COLLECT PAY, SHE'D HAVE MADE A TIDY $00,000 And been ranked 32 on the money list...in a mere seven starts.

So hold off on those coronations for Michelle. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting and with spunky firebrands like Creamer and Pressel just aching to compete at full tilt from the first shot Thursday, Michelle better find the next gear fast and better make all her putts. She's gonna need them...or alot of band aids and bactine.