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Friday, November 25, 2005

Two new links and Liberty National

Lets give a warm round of golf claps for a twosome coming up the fairway...

Unplayable lies is sports broadcaster Matthew Ipsan's site. He did a nice piece on my Old Tom Piece at Golf Observer. Thanks Matthew...I know it was long, but with all eyes on the Open and most of them revering everything about OTM, I had to leave no stone unturned.

Next, Golf Punk is a terrific site, but small world here...they are also friends with my friends Xeni who run the #1 blog in the world, Boing Boing! Lets have an ale and toast their health! BY any chance are you also friends with my colleague Ian Clarke? (Not to be confused with David Clarke
at Golf Magazine...another stout hearted fellow who recommends Ladybank as one of his faves in the UK. Finally, Golf Observer linked to my review of a private course to open next year, Liberty National, the course built in the shadow of Lady Liberty. It's here. Enjoy.


Blogger richard said...

funny, I've also had some correspondence recenlty with xeni, who has featured Cameron Clapp at boing boing - a triple amputee (who plays some golf) who I developed a website for a couple years back at cameronclapp.com.

btw, I added your blog to my list of nearly 100 golf blogs at:


8:48 AM  
Blogger Chosen said...

Those were some great articles. I'm too familiar with xeni though. But now I am just from your info. Great site.


9:44 PM  

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