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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's the Black and Gold Across America Tour!!! Steelers and the Terrible Towel on to the Super Bowl

The year was 1975. An article ran in a prominent business magazine discussing marketing and fan interaction. "Color and motion may spur on a team to victory" it crowed. "Get me a Gimmick! Your contract is up in three months!" roared Vice President and General Manager of the station that broadcast Steeler games at Myron Cope, the radio announcer. "I guess I'm a gimmick guy." Cope quipped and the Terrible Towel was born, being introduced to the world 40,000 strong at the Steeler's 28-10 victory over the colts.

Now the Terrible Towel is the most indelible and endearing of all Steeler lore, appearing at all games, but reserved most fiercely for playoff appearances. Sightings in Cinci, (who dey? who dey? Pittsburgh Steelers, that's who!), Indy (now lets join the Manning family for a nice homespun dinner...COUGH! SPUTTER! HACK! COUGH! WHAAAAAACCKCKKKKCXXXXXXXX!)...

I'm sorry, that was just a cheap laugh...

Anyway...and Denver before parking for one last partay...carrano, fiesta, forever.

For more on the legend of the Terrible Towel, click here for Myron Cope's story in his own words and here for the interesting wikipedia entry. See also the Immaculate reception too!

Great moments in the history of the Terrible Towel number 1....a towel hating broadcaster spews venom at a towel hanging in front of him, then goes spastic as a leak in the roof opens directly over his head. "Get rid of those infernal rags!" he howls as Terrible Towels are gleefully handed to him to dry off.


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