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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Fossil Trace article is up at Golf Observer and more here!

What a great job Dan King and Sal Johnson did on my Fossil Trace piece too with the photos and captions. Golf Observer is without question the number one site for all things tour and travel related for golf.

Here's some more photos. Enghchased me up the side of the fossil monument with my own ball retriever to play the shot. That's site archaeologist and paleonotogist Dr. Martin Lockley pointing out a huge Triceratops footprint. So cool to call a guy "Doctor" when he's wearing a headband, shorts and hiking boots. Dr. Lockley, the world can't thank you enough for seeing the light Jim spreads about paying homage to the ancestral history of his sites for golf. Also, here's Jimmy Hajek bowing in homage as Engh hit a 660 yard pa5-5 in two.



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