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Saturday, February 18, 2006

A nice curtain call for the late great golf instructor Dick Harmon

My Houston colleague Tom Kirkendall attended Dick's funeral this week and covers the fond farewell remembrances with grace and wit. His piece is over at his website Houston's Clear Thinkers, so please give it a read.

I'm reprinting the highlight of the services here, direct from Tom's site:

"Best crack of the funeral came from brother Bill Harmon, who passed along during his eulogy a prediction that former PGA Tour pro and current CBS color commentator Lanny Wadkins made about Dick's first meeting in heaven with his late father Claude, who was a rather acerbic character at times, particularly with regard to his four sons. The subject of that predicted first meeting was brother Butch, who tutored Tiger Woods during college and his first several years on the Tour before Woods unceremoniously fired him. Inasmuch as I have had the pleasure of a personal relationship with each of Claude, Dick and Butch, I can vouch for the validity of Wadkins' prediction:
"[Wadkins] said he knew for a fact what my dad said to Dick when he saw him in heaven," Bill Harmon said. "The first thing out of his mouth was:
'How the hell did Butch screw up that Tiger deal?' "

Laughter and applause spread across the church. Butch Harmon . . . laughed as hard as anybody.

God Bless Dick Harmon and the entire Harmon Family."

That was a great piece Tom.

Hey Tom...as soon as somebody builds a REALLY good public course out in Houston, (i.e. one with lots of lines of charm) I'm making you head of A Walk in the Park's Houston Bureau;);)


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