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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pictures of the Rawls Course (Dormant Season)

I'll post reviews after I return to Manhattan, but both the Rawls Course at Texas Tech U. and Black Mesa outside Santa Fe are easily two of the best golf values in the country. For around $50 any time, you can play a top 100 course (as rated by Golf Magazine, the most important ranking rankings in the game). We played the Rawls in a howling 40 mph wind. It was so strong Aden Holt, the 6'7" (SIX FOOT SEVEN!) manager of major label rock stars The Feds GOT BLOWN OFF HIS FEET ON THE FOURTH TEE.

Doak gave us a winner. Pictured here are the short but deadly 126 yard 3rd, which is far more dangerous than Royal Troon's Postage Stamp, with deadly, deep bunkers on all sides and the long difficult par-4 8th with its gorgeous skyline green. Anod to Golfchick, who has been playing some dormant courses this spring and is learning the benefits of fast and firm (Biscuit Brown as they say in the UK). The course here was in fine shape and the ball rolled forever.

Note also the clever flag...its the state of Texas, but instead of the Lone Star, the blue field features TTU's interlocking T logo.


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