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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No mow grass for golf? also Canadian Golf Writer Awareness Week

This just in. Imagine never having to mow the grass on a golf course. No, I dont mean astroturf (like the 15th Ladies' tee box at Bully Pulpit)...I mean hormonally supressed plant growth. Check out this article on Cybergolf.

Next, welcome golf writer J.J. Gowland to the Cybergolf family. Jill (as she's known to her friends), is also the author of Confessions of a sandbagger, a tale of bloody revenge to make the Bride in Kill Bill seem like a member of the Vienna Boys choir. Somehow, the club sandbagger ends up waste deep in the muck in a hazard and his victims use a gruesome combination of self-help aggression as a form of psychological healing. Cheater's justice as they might say in Vegas. Here's her latest piece.

Jill's from Canada BTW - so let's make today part of Canadian Golf Writer Awareness Week. Here's the Golf Observer article of my Golf Observer Colleague, Lorne Rubenstein.

OK Rob Thompson and Jeff Mingay...you're next on the tee box!

This will have to be part of a great "Canadian Golf Awareness Week" where we showcase great Canadian Courses. I'll put out the call now (If you ever wanna catch a wild Canadian, hide in the rushes and use the patented Canadian Call. The Call goes "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOLSOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLSOOOOOOOOOON!")

You can also leave them a trail of hockey pucks to follow. Sheesh! Anytime they drop a puck in Edmonton nowadays, the fans take it as a clarion call to invade North Dakota.

And since I brought up North dakota, how bout a photo. Bully Pulpit, third green.


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