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Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Nancy and Mom!

Happy Birthday wishes to two of my favorite women in the whole wide world! First, my mom celebrates her $%#@th birthday. You know how mom's are all a little strange? Here's one of my mom's idiosyncharies...nobody knew when the heck her birthday was. You see, a smudge appears on her birth certificate and the "3" which looks like a "5" was supposed to be a "3" but was interpreted as "5"...that is by everybody who didn't say "No, Jeanne, you were born on the 8th."

If you think that's confusing, try talking to to the relatives who said she was born on the 14th!

Anyway, all her life we celebrated on the 5th...except this year when she "officially" made us celebrate on the 3rd. In keeping with tradition, while we caught up on the 3rd, I'm posting on the 8th;);)

Her present? Golf at HIAWATHA LANDING!!!

Now, also Happy Birthday Nancy Carpenter. You read about her here. Who is she? Well to paraphrase Marti Dodson of the band Saving Jane:
She is the prom queen I'm in the marching band She is a cheerleader I'm sittin' in the stands She gets the whole bed I'm sleeping on the floor She's Miss America and I'm just the Guy next door:)


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