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Friday, June 16, 2006

JIm Furyk should make extreme gargling a sport

Click here for my Cybergolf piece on Furyk's great start and crazy injury.

Here is a clip:

They teased him in the locker room, but phlegmatic Jim Furyk, out of commission at Westchester from a gargling injury (GARGLING INJURY!) had the last laugh.

After “throwing my head back awkwardly,” and wrenching his back and neck badly last week, Furyk is right in the thick of the hunt at the U.S. Open with just a few doses of Aleve.

With only “Reese’s” and “Exelon” gracing his full frontal button shirt, there might have to be one more product placement if he wins.

Furyk has the game and mindset to reprise his 2003 victory at Olympia Fields. Even though the two courses are light-years apart in difficulty, the straight, steady, grinder Furyk could be more like Hale Irwin than he admits.

“I only got an opportunity to play with Hale a couple times. I have a lot of admiration and respect for his game. If I win a couple more, then I’ll start to compare myself to him. It may be a stout comparison at the moment” he said, humbly, but also with a hungry, yearning gleam in his eye.

Furyk’s straight steady game almost broke the aggregate scoring record at a mild 2003 setup at Olympia Fields. Winged Foot, perhaps the hardest Open venue of all is at the other end of the spectrum, but with it requirements of accuracy off the tee and severe greens, Furyk may translate all the way to the winner’s circle.


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