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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2006 U.S. Open - Phil tells media second driver is really a hybrid driver-3 wood

Mamaroneck, NY - Phil told the assembled media at his player interview that while he won't have his second "driver" (the draw driver) in the bag come Thursday, he'll adjust his game plan during the course of the tournament depending on the weather.

"I think that it's supposed to rain Wednesday and Thirsday and if that's the case, I want the 45" fade driver that I feel comfortable with in the bag. As it's heating up Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and the weather gets dryer, I may go to the 43 inch driver we deisgned, which is really more of a three-wood. It's right in between a driver and a three wood - almost like a three wood - in there as well. I hit it about 15 or 20 yards shorter but if it's crowded enough, that shorter distance off the tee may help me hit fairways. I'll start with the 45' driver and later see if I wanna make a change.


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