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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Melanie Hauser, Steve Czaban on Michelle Wie, Phil Mickelson, Rudy Giuliani for golf fans

For those of you who may not know, Melanie Hauser one of our most innovative and seminal women sportswriters. She is such an icon, Jim Nantz gave a nod to her on Saturday at last year's PGA. She is also the chair of the Golf Writer's Association of America. She also writes for Golf Observer. She asks a reasonable question about Michelle Wie.

It's a good thing for us Steve Czaban is not a lawyer because the case he makes that Michelle's used up all nine lives in her pursuit is airtight. He breaks it down like a fraction for us here.

Look, we'll be waiting a long time for the barrior to be broken waiting for Michelle. Someone else has earned a turn. Annika tried once, Michelle tried seven times. Let's give Paula or Morgan a shot. Or lets just give the winner of the U.S. Women's Open a berth in the following year's Men's U.S. Open.

Problem solved.

Now, boy is GQ eating crow. Mere months after their utterly pointless muckraking rip job on Phil Mickelson that only the most casual fans and ESPN sycophants could believe that he is somehow one of the mopst hated athlete's in golf, not only does he win the Masters, but he is given the highest honor given out by the Metropolitan Area Golf Writers Association. In front of a packed house, Phil was engaging, sincere, upbeat, and grateful.

You know what? Despite what Stephen A. Smith may bring to the table (***rolls eyes***) American sports fans...and in particular golf fans...like their athletes grateful and genuine, not preening and trash-talking. Yeah, Phil tries to make his life seem a alittle gilded. But he openly admits his mistakes and he makes an effort to be an everyman.

Phil Mickelson - the Rudy Giuliani of golf. And we like it that way. America's Mayor? Try America's Golfer!


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