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Friday, July 28, 2006

Robert Thompson article in Travel and Leisure Golf, Floyd Landis and Video of the week

Congratulations to Robert Thompson for having one of his travel pieces published in this month's Travel and Leisure Golf. Rob wrote for a long time for the Canadian National Post. His blog is here. He's also one of the original golf bloggers.

Next, Eddie Peck is in town and the two of us will be out checking out either Bethpage or Tallgrass. Eddie - as anyone who reads this site knows - is the owner of the incredible Black Mesa Golf Club in New Mexico and loves to play rounds with his two Jack Russells and large chihuahua in tow, so it looks like a good weekend all around.

Next, if had NOT heard Dr. Gary Wadler - one of the leading authorities on Blood doping and steroid cheaters - actually came to the DEFENSE of Floyd Landis with my own ears I would never have believed it. It's a good thing he did because had I not heard form Gary, I would have wanted Floyd to be hanged from the city walls by his own entrails.

Think about this. Dr. Wadler is the man steroid cheaters fear most. Did you ever read Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose? Remember the evil inquisitor Bernard Gui? The man who was more interested in burning the accused and building a name for himself than finding out the truth? If you faced him, you were doomed. Well Dr. Wadler strikes as much fear into the hearts of cheaters, but plays fair by honestly reviewing evidence and coming to solid conclusions based on the empirical evidence.

Dr. Wadler - the man who usually testifies against athletes - has been widely quoted on ESPN and in the papers as essentially saying something seems particularly wrong - indeed downright screwy - with the specimen collected form Landis. More on this next week, but if Dr. Wadler - the scourge of cheaters everywhere - is saying something is roten in Paris, you can bet there is good reason. Hold the phone on hanging Floyd. Meanwhile, here is my piece on steroid cheaters form last month.

Now for our outrageous video of the week award - Magical Trevor makes a triumphant return to the small screen after burning up the Internet in his original incarnation. Hotter than ever, you can now buy plush new Magical Trevor stuffed toys and even a downloadable ringtone for your mobile. Sorry on the ringtone, mate...I had Phish on there, but I'm feelin the "Oceans 12 Theme" right now..but maybe someday.

Anyway, here's The Original Magical Trevor and The Return of Magical Trevor. If you have young kids, they will eat this guy up...to the tune of millions of hits and excellent ancillary merch sales.


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