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Friday, July 21, 2006

Star Trek Monty Python Mashup, Snakes on a plane trailer interrupt British Open Coverage

I say! Since we are celebrating all things England this week, thought we'd say a quick "Cheer-o!" to the winner of this week's video of the week award. "Spot on work" to the chaps over Devil Ducky for this excellent Star Trek Parody music video done to the tune of the Camelot song in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Pass the warm beer and the crisps, Fawlty Towers is next on the telly. Then a re-run of "Quadrophenia." Everything else is rubbish! I mean, you're barking mad if you're watching "Dr. Who" mate...

Seriously though, this video is solid gold. If you thought the star trek dweebs looked like nimrods before, wait till you get a load of them now. Dork Alert!

Next for all of you waiting with baited breath for more snakes on a plane (as if you didn't get enough here 1st and here 2d, click here for the Official Trailer.

Bees in a car! Pirranhas in a hot tub!


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