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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Golf Hammer of Justice poised in Flemmapalooza match

The crenellated battlement mesas of Castle Rock, Colorado take center stage for tomorrow's matches between the extended Jim Engh design team family and this author's trail mix of Bowling for Soup rock band rock and rollers and golf course design critics.

Meanwhile hail only slightly smaller than golf balls interrupted the day's practice round at nearby Red Hawk Ridge. The sky turned an eerie green before howling winds, torrential rain and the aforementioned hail drove everyone fro the course to the safety of the 19th hole.

Team Rock took the opportunity to jet over the ridge to Pradera, iridescent jewel that it is - sight of the team challenge to scout out several tricky holes, such as the short, but cunning 311 par-4 10th, the enormous risk-reward par-5 7th and, of course, the mighty 18th. Team Engh was snug in their beds early...except for those raging madly at the racetrack cheering on the speeding schoolbuses and trains caroming around the devilishly dangerous figure-eight circuit.

School bus races? Why not just go to the rooster fight? The hammer of justice looms and does not suffer chumps lightly! And if the mighty golf hammer is "momentarily detained", well then we all go to the concert at Denver's famed Ogden Theatre and dance.

Bowling For Soup and golf course architects. Two great tastes that taste great together.


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