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Monday, September 18, 2006

Kudos to Hooked on Golf, Golf Chick for excellent work on Michelle Wie debate

Two long time bloggers have done some excellent work on the Michelle Wie debate.

Tony K at Hooked on Golf had this hilarious picture (and the one from my piece below on "What Planet are Wie on?"). The statistical analysis is particularly telling. I hope he can do a chart analyzing all ten of Michelle's tries. That would be interesting.

Next, I really love when an old blogger shows promise in their writing and top-level analysis to boot. Golf Chick had this downright poignant observation on the Wie debate. She says it should appear back on her site soon. She writes:

"Michele’s [sic] failures in the PGA tour events aren’t so much about her being female as they are about her lacking experience. However, her performance to date definitely indicates that her presence there in the first place has everything to do with that “novelty” aspect which is gender related. It’s becoming embarassing. Maybe they should start a “teen phenom” tour and have all the best boys and girls compete against one another. Then she could gain the experience she needs without having to accept all the sponsors’ exemptions and the boys would have a shot as well since they’re not getting those now. She does need to play more than the LPGA is currently allowing before she can get her card, I just don’t think it should be with proven players on the PGA when many mini-tour players could kick her ass. I think her ambitions are terrific and she should stick to them, but she needs a better path and better representation in order to get there instead of being a cash cow."

This is laser-like precision...and it's refreshing that it is a woman's perspective that is something other than fawning adulation. Golf Chick, that was some first rate critique. Good job with some of the other work on your blog recently too.

Look, Michelle should have a heart to heart with her team and spend sometime kicking in the face of her competition and then try again. She also should realize people are shamelessly cashing in on her in an unusual way that may not be best for her career. Let this girl enjoy what little time left she has to be a girl. Let her have some of her stolen youth. At the same time, her interviews and interactions with all players - male and female - indicate that even though her golf is gifted, she needs to mature. With all the money and exposure, that needs to happen even more quickly than her first win. She has not endeared herself to many in the cloistered golf industry and her perceived "favors" she gets are seen as unearned by many of her peers. Noone can deny that she has not exactly made the most of her oppurtunity.

Meanwhile, it is someone else's turn to go up against the guys. It's not her fight alone, you know. Personally, I can root all day for fiesty and gritty competitors like Paula Creamer. With Silly Season approaching, surely some rich flounder can can kick down enough cake to get Paula, Wiesy, Annika and somebody else in a steel-cage throwdown. That would sell tickets like hotcakes.

Photo credit: Tony K - Hooked on Golf.


Blogger Golfchick said...

Thanks, Jay! Glad you like it.

If only I'd taken up golf sooner. I'd be giving them all a run for their Rolexes. (Wouldn't we all?)


6:35 PM  
Blogger A WALK IN THE PARK said...

Good to see you Kristen and nice job getting the cool logo Tony K made for you on the site.

It's weird, I'm actually 4-6 shots worse than when I was a kid...I putted better and hit it straighter, although if I could have pitched and chipped like I do now, I would have been even better.

Oh well, I can still love the game like a tour player and that's reward enough.

7:54 PM  

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