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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two poignant pieces by Ron Sirak - Women's Open champ should get bid to U.S. Open

Ron Sirak has two excellent pieces two ponder:

1. This piece on how hitting into galleries and clubhouses and getting a free drop is unfair. Personally, I also thinks it violates the spirit of the game as well; and

2. This piece on the latest Michelle Wie windmill tilt.

Again, I ask the question. If we absolutely, positively have to have a woman make the cut in a men's event right now...if all women's sporting history has to depend on this happening this second...why not give someone who isn't 0-9 (and 1-9 if you count the SK Telethon...err...Telecom Open) a chance?

What is wrong with Paula Creamer? Natalie Gulbis? Kristina Kim? Someone from the UK?

Also, I'll say it again. If we give a bid to the US Open to the winner of the US Amateur and the other national championships/USGA events, the winner of the US Women's Open should get an automatic bid too. She certainly has better credentials than the winners of the Am and the other automatic USGA bids.

Then it becomes a meritocracy - no exemptions, no back room backstabbing, no assessment of who's brand is hotter; pure talent - which is what the game is supposed to be about.

And yes, the winner of the McDonalds.....err.....(Insert name of new sponsor, if any)...LPGA Championship should get a bid to the PGA Championship.

Who's with me?


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