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Monday, October 02, 2006

Moving to a new address! - www.jayflemma.thegolfspace.com

After almost two years at this address, we're moving on up! [Cue "The Jefferson's" theme - We'll be movin' on up, to the Eeeeeeeeeast Siiiide! To a DEE-luxe apartment...in the skyyyyyyyyyy!]

That's right, Tony K, the Media Guru has signed on as Chief Web Mugwuk and done a terrific job getting the new site up and ready for public consumption today!

The link is here: www.jayflemma.thegolfspace.com.

Thanks the blogger folks for a great run. I had no complaints, I just needed the flexibility of more user interface toys on a full blown website.

We'll be adding a special tool that will refresh this site over to The Golf Space. Thanks to everybody for almost two years of terrific support. We're kicking off the new site with a fun piece linking golf course architecture and archaeology!

See you at A Walk in the Park 2.0!


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