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Saturday, September 23, 2006

2006 Ryder Cup - Sunday signles pairings and the first walk off hole in one

As you scroll down the pairings, note how the two captains placed their players:

Europe USA

Montgomerie -- Toms
Garcia -- Cink
Casey -- Furyk
Karlsson -- Woods
Donald --- Campbell
McGinley -- Henry
Clarke -- Johnson
Stenson -- Taylor
Howell -- Wettrich
Olazabal -- Mickelson
Westwoods -- DiMarco
Harrington -- Verplank

As I look down the list, the only one I "oohed" and "aahhed" over was Westwood-DiMarco as for as an old fashioned "slobbernoggin" (John madden's word) of a battle.

Not too many other "marquee" matchups...Monty-Toms might be mildly interesting, if Monty doesn't mop the floor with him.Monty...right out of the gate.

By the way, tell me Lehman didn't see that coming, yet he sends David Toms off first. Infact, Toms and Cink? How are they gonna light a fire? Toms, even when he wins, isn't a fire brand that you rally around and no one has shrunk faster with a big moment on the line when it matters than Cink. I mean he's heralded as this great putter and has missed every money putt when they mattered most. And them anchoring with Verplank??? Please.

Maybe Clarke-Johnson will have some fireworks but, this time, score one for the way the President's Cup does the draw.Nevertheless, also score one for woosie...thoroughbreds out of the gate, studs to kick you home and a solid core. Lehman's looks haphazard by comparison.

Imagine some day......"Garcias on the board! Who wants him???"

Finally, what an exclamation point on the day - Paul Casey finishes off his match with the world's first ever Walk off hole-in-one. Win or lose, that was truly a golf moment for all time.


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