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Monday, February 21, 2005


Get ready for tour journal reports again because AWITP is headed back on the road, this time to indulge in the southern charm, tranquility and grandeur of Noooooth
Ca-ro-liiiiiiiiii-na. For this trip, I have teamed up with Erik with a K from "The Sand Trap," web site here. We'll play The Pit Mid-Pines and Tobacco Road - two low impact, high comfort rounds sandwiching one of my favorite courses in the world and a real firebreather. This will make the total number of ranked courses I have visited for the book 207. My articles on Tobacco Road are part one and part two

Three rounds in the Pinehurst area and a two night stay at a quite comfortable hotel complete with extra large jacuzzi for $203. Should be amazing. Donald Ross designed Mid Pines, so it will be a steady diet of good chipping and putting to score well there. Dan Maples' the Pit was a trend setter back when it was designed and is still a well respected favorite despite the fierce rise in competition.

I am also looking forward to meeting and playing with Erik. Not only is he a fine writer, but a solid stick as a nine handicap. With the driver problems I have been having I should struggle to play to my 12, but between my short game and my knowledge of Tobacco Road (well except for 9 and 15), I should hold my own and make other contributions with my rapier wit, potent quill, and newly-minted affinity with video. We hope to return with some video blogging. I know the camera loves me(***rolls eyes***) and Erik assures me the camera at least likes him as a friend, so weather permitting we should get some incredible video footage, especially of Tobacco Road.

That brings me to the most important aspect of this trip - food. Last time in NC, I made the mistake of eating at an Iron Skillet restaurant before playing Tot Hill Farm. For those of you unfamiliar with this dubious chain, lets just say nobody serves up a plate of mystery meat and oily eggs like them. Without a doubt the worst "steak" I have ever, EVER seen in my life. On the subject of steak, Erik is especially looking forward to the fact that we can walk to Outback Steakhouse from our lodging. Now I know some of my New York readers right now are saying "JAY! STOP! YOU'RE KILLIN US! PLEASE!" Relax guys, when in NYC, the choices are obviously Angelo & Maxie's, Smith & Wollensky's, Peter Luger's and those numerous great Belgian Brasseries. (Calm down, Musey, I said Brasserie)MUsey's great blog is here. But this trip has taken me to a great deal of middle America and lets face it people, yeah Manhattan is great, but just like we need South Beach style, Madison Ave pinache and Soho sashay, we also know a good deal. So before you lay into me, remember I'll see you at Woodbury Outlets or at Beau Brummell on half-price deisgner suit week. fact is, when away from NYC - whether its been Ohio, NC, Pennsylvania or wherever, when I'm in a strange town and dont know whats great or don't have time to look or take a detour, Outback serves up a solid $20 dinner. Besides, we'll have a whole other night to do the "fine dining" thing if time permits. If not, more time for chipping, pitching, putting, writing and the jacuzzi.


Blogger Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

I remain hopeful that Jennifer was right and that the rooms do have ethernet.

9:34 PM  
Blogger A WALK IN THE PARK said...

We will find a way to communicate with the fans and readers. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor twilight will keep us from writing. Have you anything to add about the GOLF...now that the computer is covered;);)

7:06 PM  

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