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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Some changes to two posts - Brian Silva and Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes

I have made some changes I like to two pieces. First, the first part of the Brian Silva interview is here. I love it. I got to use the word "pterodactyl" in a sentence - that was fun. Let's see you do that. And I dont mean something flippant like "so and so is a smelly old pterodactyl." Next, I revamped part one of my Bandon Dunes piece. That's here and it's a big improvement. hat's off to Sal Johnson and the crew at Golf Observer for linking to me and giving me props. Those guys are A+ list. Read them as often as possible.

Also wanna plug three other sites today. Geoff Shackelford is one of our game's brightest minds. Read him early and often. Next, Tom Kirkendall is one of texas' brightest political and legal minds. His blog, Houston's Clear Thinkers is taking the blogsphere by storm. Its required reading for all movers and shakers, not just Texans. Finally, Bogey Lounge has been really breaking ground with great analysis of the tours.


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