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Monday, January 30, 2006

Houston Golf, Philly Cheesesteaks in NYC, ESPN blowhards and a song for the Seahawks

I got trapped in a bar last night with a bunch of drunk NYC cops who never follow golf, but sure follow Tiger. "Yoooooooooooooooo! Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiger!" they screamed through a beer-fueled haze between "Where day playins? San Diego? Aww dat's buddaful!" 'e's gunna win right now!" Yeeesh, is was like a hangover. "Look, Dude...he's wearin' red! And oooze dis O-laz-a-bull guy he's gonna beat?" I'd rather be dragged over carpet tacks and dipped in rubbing alcohol than have to go through that again.

Anyway, to the daily news:

1. Houston Golf - Tom Kirkendall over at Houston's Clear Thinkers has the best coverage of Houston golf and Houston PGA tourney's. Sometime this year, I'll check out Redstone and the new Fazio course at the Woodlands that just opened up. Tom is a big supporter of both places, but I'll be trying my hardest to turn him around to embrace the "Line of Charm" concept. As you all know, I panned the last "Tom Fazio Signature Course," (Atunyote, reviewed here), to open as flavorless and overpriced (all too common lately, Tom). Tom did a nice job running Ron Whitten's "Is Tom
Fazio good for the game?" piece from last year and my article agreeing, so here's hoping that someday soon, I'll see Tom on a 90 yard wide fairway in Nebraska or Scottsdale or Long Island and read on his website about how Houston needs more bifurcated fairways and perpendicular hazards.

Either way, Tom is an expert blogger. One of those rare people whose blog actually matters because it's informative and instructional. You don't just get the best info, you get expert analysis about Enron, Texas business, and the city of Houston. Read Tom. You'll grow smarter every day. Also props for Texas Golf Blog for building a nice site too. Good work.

2. Food alert. Cheesesteaks in NYC? Sure! Just truck 'em in from Philly! The steak, the cheese (even cheese whiz...can you say "shaving cheese?") the rolls, everything gets rolled in fresh. Tony Luke's, the Philly institution has come to NYC in a big way. Cut to the picture to the right...meet Evan Stein. Yes, that's his mug on the left smiling right next to Mario Batali and Anthony Burdain (Kitchen Confidential and Les Halles) both of Food Network. (I don't know who the fourth guy is.) Well Evan is having a Food Network moment of his own, being the first man to bring real Philly quality and authentic Pihilly Cheese steaks to NYC. What? Blasphemy you say? Well, guess again. The meat, the rolls (fresh from the bakery), even the hot peppers all survise the two hour trip just fine and all NYC lines up daily to MAW Down! Yo Dude! Mack on some Philly today. Tony Lukes is on Ninth Ave between 41st and 42d. Think I'm kidding? Well the pic above is not a photo op. If a couple of food experts like Bourdain and Batali eat cheesteaks there, that speaks to how good they are.

3. ESPN Watch: Did anyone care that Pot dealer Nate Newton found God? Does anyone really wonder what happened to the self-aggrandizing druggie once he went down twice in a month for dealing hundreds of pounds of pot? ESPN does. They are also trying to convince you that you should too. Since they employ other Cowboy druggies like Michael "not my pipe" Irvin, and since the two teams in the Super Bowl aren't sexy enough for us (that's what idiot Sean Salisbury had to say) and since they needed to roll out Deion Sanders, yesterdays "Sunday Conversation" had to convince us Nate changed.

We don't care. He's done. And we con't believe you. Go back to lying to us about how maby games Irvin predicted incorrectly the prior week.

4. Now...a little song for the Seahawks...sung to the tune of "Spongebob Squarepants"...thanks John Tayman;)


Whose coach is a pineapple with a moustache?


With a bunch of receivers that can't catch a pass?


If winning the Super Bowl's something you dream


You'd have better luck if the Rams were your team!



I promise...if the Steelers lose, I'll write a piece painstakingly detailing my despair. And I'm looking right at you Jeff Mingay and Rob Thompson...it'll make that piece I wrote about my Myrtle Beach bender look like the Vienna Boys choir.

5. Anyway, here's some nice new golf blogs to check out...let's all give a nice golf clap to Minnesota Golf , Eat Golf Oliver's Twist and Primary Rough.


Anonymous Tim Hartnett said...

Sounds like the place to stop for a bite in New York for a Philly kid, but I bet it has nothing on the real thing from Pat's.

8:44 AM  

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