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Thursday, March 23, 2006

First Round results of the 2006 Golf Course Architect's Tournament

Here we go. The double digit seeds that won upsets were Tom Simpson, Rick Smith and Mike DeVries. Send me emails or go to my website or the brackets to vote. The link is here - http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=150961&tclass=

Voting closes 9PM Sunday night:

St. Andrews Regional

1. Pete Dye v. 8 Tom Weiskopf
4. George Thomas v. 5. Perry Maxwell
3. Coore/Crenshaw v. 6. Jim Engh
2. William Flynn v. 10. Tom Simpson

Bandon Regional

1. A.W. Tillinghast v. 8. Gil Hanse
4. Jack Neville v. 5 Jack Nicklaus
3. Harry Colt v. 6. RTJ II
2. Tom Doak v. 7 Brian Silva

Augusta Regional

1. Donald Ross v. 9. Jay Morrish
4. Tom Fazio v. 5. Stanley Thompson
3 Old Tom Morris v. 6. David McKay Kidd
2. C.B. Macdonald v. 7. Mike Strantz

Pinehurst Regional

1. Alistair Mackanzie v. 8. Henry Fownes
4. RTJ v. 12. Mike DeVries
3. George Crump v. 11. Rick Smith
2. Seth Raynor v. 7 Jeff Brauer

Dont forget that if you already "filled out a bracket and missed some picks, just re-send me your votes for what games you got wrong.

E.G. Lots of people picked Baxter Spann. (That would have been a hell of a matchup 'tween he and Dye.) Just email me with your choice of dye v. weiskopf and any other misses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I like what you have done with the Golf Course Architect's Final 4. I was just curious how you chose which architects were on the list. There were a few like Rick Jacobson and Bob Lohmann that I thought might make the list. Anyway keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing the final results.

1:02 PM  

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