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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sweet Sixteen for golf course architects

We have us an underdog! Mike DeVries, a 12 seed, ousts RTJ! Also I predicted at Houston's Clear Thinkers, Stanley Thompson beat Fazio. Here are the sweet sixteen matchups.

St. Andrews Regional

1 Pete Dye vs. 4 George Thomas (who survived a really close match w/Perry Maxwell)
2. William Flynn vs. 3 Coore and Crenshaw

For those of you who keep emailing me, Flynn did Merion and Shinnecock. That's why he's a 2 seed.

Bandon Regional

1. A.W. Tillinghast v. 5 Jack Nicklaus (who trounced Neville in the "pair of Jacks" game)
2. Tom Doak v. 3. Harry Colt

For those same emailers, please google "Harry Colt" and you'll see why he's seeded higher than Nicklaus and, to the same crew, uhhhh, Neville did Pebble.

Augusta Regional

1 Donald Ross v. 5. Stanley Thompson
3. Old Tom Morris v. 2 C.B.Macdonald

and finally in the Cypress Point Regional

1. Alistair Mackenzie v. 12 Mike DeVries
3. George Crump v. 2. Seth Raynor

Voting ends Thursday at 1PM


Blogger Sir Putts-a-lot said...

Sounds like some of your readers need to brush up on just how good William Flynn is. Take a look at Golf World's Top 100 classic for a primer. :-)

I am surprised Crump got this far. He had a good vision and was able to put the right talent in the right place - but as an architect? Colt also had some major contributions at Pine Valley.

The Thomas/Maxwell match was such a toss up to begin with, and probably one of the deepest you've had so far Jay.

Strong work.

8:59 AM  
Anonymous mediaguru at hookedongolfblog.com said...

dye v. flynn, DYE
doak v. tilly, TILLY
stanley v. macdonald STANLEY
and mackenzie v. raynor MACHENZIE

11:49 AM  

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