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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A.W. Tillinghast wins Architect's Tourney and more on Wild Dunes and Mike Strantz courses

Three bits of housekeeping today while I go get clobbered at Harbour Town. (Well that's my guess. I played great at Pinehurst and Bulls Bay...86-87. I didn't break 90 at Wild Dunes and I don't wanna know what I shot at Kiawah. I got humbled. Great course, but man...relentless.)

1) A.W. Tillinghast won the Architect's Final Four Tournament over C.B. Macdonald. The bracket is here. Congratulations to Cliff Hamm who scored the highest in his prediction bracket. He had A.W. winning. C.B. beating Alistair Mackenzie killed me.

2) There has been an excellent string of Strantzian questions in response to my Wild Dunes thread and the Bulls Bay piece. (I like that word..."Strantzian." I miss you Mike.) Click here to participate or see what others think.

3. Now I have been fairly criticized for a point on my Wild Dunes piece. My collegues Tom Doak and others have both reached out to me to point out that back in 1981 when the course was built, it was completely different than it is today. Back then, there were no houses and hotels and Hurricane Hugo had not destroyed 17 and 18. Back in 1981 the golf world was so different, much of the course was groundbreaking. Perhaps having my plate full with seven articles to write and a law practice to run, my article on WD may have been a little hard. Upon considered reflection, I think they made fair comment, but I definitely still stand by my 2006 perceptions. I have made some brief amendments to my article, but also everyone agrees also that 25 years have completely changed things at WD.


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