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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kelly Blake Moran, Lederach, The Masters and Kyle Harris

Just a few quick hits today, before I prepare for the east coast tour.

1. Today is opening day at Lederach and a great day for architect Kelly Blake Moran. As I reported a few weeks ago, Lederach has excellent green complxes with loads of contour and character. Kelly also had some inspired moments with the bunkering including the soon to be infamous blind bunker on the par-5 third. I know of at least 8 architecture experts on the course as we speak, along with the various golf indy dignitaries shaking babies and kissing hands, so here's hoping y'all have good stories when you return. I'll follow up with quotes from the soiree later.

2. So far, so good on my prediction. I thought somebody other than the Big Five would win this week. So far so good, but with Tiger lurking, all it will take is one spurt for him to take the lead...then another for seperation and game over. Now, interesting note about my choice of "The Field." Thanks to my old golf coach Hank Furgol (nephew of Ed Furgol, winner 1954 U.S. Open at Baltusrol) for pointing out to me correct use of Jargon for "The Field." "Jay, I got what you meant when you said you took "the field," you meant a prop bet against the big 5, but using the term accurately, you would have had to bet on any player who did not have an individual line. As you wrote it, you'd be rooting for Ben Crenshaw!"

Finally, Kyle Harris pointed out that Steve Czaban had the year in his last article off by one on Crenshaw's victory was '95, not '96.


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