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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Final - A.W. Tillinghast v. CB Macdonald and James Bond Golf Quote, Goldfinger

I spent the weekend away and forgot to bring all the votes with me, but A.W. Tillinghast defeated Pete Dye and C.B. Macdonald narrowly beat Alistair Mackenzie.

So the Final:

A.W. Tillinghast v. C.B. Macdonald. Voting ends noon on Sunday.

Now, since I am preparing a) for the East Coast leg of the Spring Tour and b) for something a little different:

Here is the best golf quote I found recently:

And, Bond reflected, while Goldfinger was pumping millions of pounds a year into the bloody maw of SMERSH – “Smiert Spionam,” “Death to Spies,” the murder apparatus of the High Praesidium – he was pyramiding his reserves, making them work for him whenever the odds were right, piling up the surplus for when the trumpets would sound in the Kremlin and every golden sinew would be mobilized.

Noone outside Moscow had been watching the process, noone suspected that Goldfinger – the jeweler, the metallurgist, the resident of England and Bahamas, respected member of Blades Club and the Royal St. Marks at Sandwich Club – was one of the greatest conspirators of all time, that he had financed the murder of hundreds, perhaps thousands of victimsof SMERSH all over the world.

Only M suspected it and only Bond knew it.

And here was Bond, launched against this man by a series of flukes, a train of coincidence that had been started by a plane breaking down on the other side of the world. Bond smiled grimly to himself. How often in his profession had it been the same – the tiny acorn of coincidence that soared into the mighty oak whose branches darkened the sky.

And now, once again, he was to bring an evil cancer down. With what?

A bag of golf clubs!

- From Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger.


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