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Friday, April 21, 2006

Bulls Bay, Charleston and Chechessee

I have yet to unpack and have work at law office AND writing table to do, but what a threesome.

Bulls Bay is my favorite of the three. Part True Blue and part its own idiom different from any other strantz work, the course is now a monument to his living memory.I love the hilltop clubhouse and panoramic view of 14 holes. The lines of charm are everywhere, but are indelible at the totally unique 9th and 18th.

Pete Dye told Strantz back in 2004 that he got the idea for his Bunkering at Whistling straits from a visit here.

Happy to report that Fuzzy, Heidi and the Strantz family are all doing great. Fuzzy was checking out the 10th hole. Some college kids with new Sasquatches were belting 380-400 yd drives with the wind...I saw them. Heidi won her ladies doubles match 7-6, 7-5 by playing mean volley at the net, then turned into the sensitive caretaker of her horses. She is a remarkable and inspiring woman. Her daughter andrea is the epitome of charm and class. Fuzz looks great...he still looks 35.Join here.

It is so nice and adventurous...a little watery, but grand.Thanks to Scott and his son Matt at Chechessee. What a nice low key round. Matt is a great kid,,,when I have a 17 y/o son, I hope he's just like Matt...respectful, intelligent, and engaging. and what a swing...I thought I was flexible...kid just rotates.

Scott has unique swing. He's cherubic,,,until he's over the ball. Then his left foot kicks up like a baseball player, he takes the club back really wierd, then has this feirce downward move that brings the club down violently on the ball. The result is a piercing rising trajectory like a laser. Staight as an arrow.

Luckily, my short game helped me save face as I got up and down from everywhere even with the fierce greens. 52 degree and putter were really good the whole trip.Chechessee is rightfully Scott's little slice of heaven...some of the views are just sublime and the greens are the star...lots of character...I like 12 green and 13 green. Wonderful place.

Of the two I PERSONALLY like a little more edge, so I prefer to join BB, but if your a CC guy...its the epitome of old time golf.

Finally...wait till I post the pix from CC CHarleston. SIlva has a lion by the tail here. I finally had the light bulb come on about military fortifications looking back down from the fwy from the greens. Looked just like being at Fort Stanwix or dunkirk. You could imagine soldiers w/stens lying in the trenches waiting to plug oncoming golfers. Lion's mouth hole!!!!!Overall...BB and Charleston 6, Chechessee 5.5 (outta 7)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't tease us without pictures! Must be the lawyer in you.

P.S. It's nice to hear about the Strantz family. A credit to you for keeping them in your thoughts.

Peter Sayegh

3:36 PM  

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