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Friday, July 28, 2006

Jim Engh inducted into North Dakota Hall of Fame

Breaking News - Jim Engh left yesterday for Dickinson, ND from his Idaho summer home to be inducted into the North Dakota Hall of Fame.

This is a victory for everyone who loves excellent golf course architecture. Engh has won four best new course awards and finished second a handful of times as well for some other stellar designs.

Briefly, lets review some highlights:

1997 - On his first try, he wins Best New Course for the gorgeous private Colorado design Sanctuary.

1999 - Jim returns in triumph to North dakota with the amazing and publi9c access Hawktree GC.

2001 - Jim designs the incredible Golf Club at Redlands Mesa.

2003 - Jim beats the odds by joining forces with archaeologists and environmentalists and build Fossil Trace.

2005 - Jim builds arguably his best yet, The Club at Pradera.

The future? A new 9 Carne in Ireland and a new 18 at Reynolds Plantation.

Hey! Two mops! Way to go!

Pic of the day - Jay and Jim clowing around after Jay hit one IN the fossil monument at Fossil Trace. He chased me up the side of the monument with my ball retriever.


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