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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kiran Matharu to spend year on Ladies European Tour, will play select LPGA dates

As many of you know, I am the U.S. lawyer for Kiran Matharu, the 17 year old British professional who recently won the Ladies British Amateur, played on the Curtis Cup Team and is the number one female player in the UK under their handicap system (she's a +4, the highest in the UK). As you also know, Kiran asked for an age exception so she could play in this week's LPGA Q School so she could compete on the 2007 LPGA Tour starting next March - after her 18th Birthday. The request was denied.

Showing wisdom and maturity beyond her years, Kiran decided to take the high road and not sue. Basically, all she asked Commissioner Bivens for was a chance to accomplish her goal on merit - on the golf course. Commissioner Bivens would not agree.

Kiran knows her talent will prevail soon enough and she would rather continue to build up her fanbase by making self-less and long-term decisions that promote the good and welfare of both the game in general as well as for herself. This woman continues to make wise decisions both on and off the golf course. It's no wonder she has so many fans on either side of the pond.


Last week, LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens denied Kiran Matharu the opportunity to play in the LPGA Qualifying School. Kiran, who will turn 18 in February, had hoped her formidable record as an amateur and the outpouring of support from a great many in the UK and European Golf community, might have prompted Commissioner Bivens to reconsider her denial and allow Kiran to compete for her LPGA card. Sadly, the second request was also denied.

While Kiran is deeply disappointed, and while her entire team – family, business, legal and supporters - firmly believe that were she to pursue her rights under the law she would have prevailed, Kiran has decided not to pursue the matter further and take legal action. Quite simply, Kiran had hoped Commissioner Bivens would let Kiran’s golf game be the determining factor in whether or not she would make the LPGA Tour, not a court of law. In keeping with the spirit and the values of the game, Kiran decided she would rather settle this question with her golf clubs.

Kiran will now concentrate her efforts on securing her playing rights on the Ladies European Tour, where she has been playing this year since turning professional thanks to invitations from sponsors. She is looking forward to playing the Ladies English Open and competing in the Ladies European Tour Qualifying school in November. She will also be petitioning certain events on the LPGA Tour for sponsors’ exemption.

Kiran, who turns 18 in February still wishes to play in America in the future and will apply to the LPGA Qualifying School again next year, when she will no longer need a waiver to be granted to play as she will no longer be a minor.

Kiran is deeply grateful to all the people who have supported her application and to all her fans on either side of the Atlantic and she looks forward to playing in front of them and giving them a great deal to cheer about soon.

Issued: Wednesday 21st September 2006


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