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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jay Flemma interviews with Sergio Garcia and Brandt Jobe at the US Open at Pinehurst No. 2

I caught up with Sergio Garcia and Brandt Jobe outside the locker room after the round. Here are some excerpts:

JF: How were the playing conditions out there?

Sergio: Conditions were terrific for scoring. The rough could get tougher and the greens could get quicker. They can't start too tough because then it's hard to control, but they have control now.

JF: What was the key to your posting a good score today?

Sergio: The biggest key was distance. It's crucial to get the right distance and my caddy and I did a great job all day getting the right yardage to the hole because one mistake on these greens and your in a tough position.

JF: With all the talk going into the tournament about the big five having the best chance of doing well here, what's your reaction to today's leaderboard?

Sergio: I was really happy to see Olin [Browne]and Steve [Jones] and Brandt [Jobe] play well. Give alot of credit to those guys. They are experienced and they played great.

JF: Do you think Sawgrass would be a good site to hold a major?

Sergio: Absolutely. I love Sawgrass it's a great course. I would love to play a major there.

JF: How good were you at sticking to the pre-tournament game plan and not hitting the ball into places where you could not get up and down?

B. Jobe: My misses were decent. The rough was tough. Like on 12 I was three inches off the fairway and I was only between 80-100 yards away and had not shot. I had birdies early and had trouble keeping some wedges on the greens, but for the most part, I'm happy with the results.

JF: Tell us what happened on 16 when the ball seemed to squirt away from you on your approach?

B. Jobe: Well I had a 7-iron in and my back was to 18 tee and we all thought they had teed off and they hadn't. On my backswing the gallery clapped. Also, those last four holes took forever. We had a great flow going for fourteen holes and then the last four holes took almost an hour and a half.


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I like Sergio Garcia especially his enthusiasm .

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