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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My letter to travel golf

Early yesterday afternoon, I conversed with Tim McD and publisher Robert Lewis about the strong feelings I've been having that Travel Golf's role in my career had run it's course and that I'd like to part ways and move to my new golf writing team while it was still on a high note.

While it is obvious from posts from Tim and Robert (and that means Rebel and "Heather") try to show differently, I am confident that we part ways with a feeling of mutual respect and pride in the work we achieved collectively and that they, in truth, will take pride in my work for them and in the future successes I will announce at http://jayflemma.blogspot.com and at the new company I will work for in the very near future. I am proud and honored to have done some of my best work for and with the TG team.

So yesterday was my last day at TG. I look forward to sharing new pieces with everyone at my new endeavors and at old well established print periodicals we all have enjoyed for decades which it is my honor to now serve.

All the best,


Blogger brett said...

Looks like Travel Golf can dish it out but they can't take it. After the initial frenzy of posts caused such a negative reaction, they've all of a sudden stopped talking about it. They also removed at least one of their Jay-related posts, and they've deleted several complaints from readers in the blog comments section! What a bunch of weenies!

12:03 PM  
Blogger Jim Rogers said...


TravelGolf.com weenies out and deletes posts that are saying how worthless they are. Log on to www.golfbb.com and click on "golf news" for more about Travel Golf Dot Sucks.
TravelGolf.com’s Tim McDonald and Chris Baldwin are
clearly losers who can’t get a job with a real print
golf magazine. The golf writing from these guys is
clearly amateur stuff. I was introduced to a golf writer once who had met Robert Lewis and said he was about a minute
from the funny farm, that he had a very strange
personality – one of those types with zero tact. So your comment about the "awfully weird" TGM is right on target. Check
out TravelGolfMedia.com and a photo of a building that
says “TGM Technical Headquarters” – that’s probably
where the server is. In the early days Lewis tried to
pass it off as their offices. They have always been a
“mom and pop” working out of their house. Also check
out the staff: All the technical web design stuff is
done in India. Lewis probably pays them about a dollar
a day–-a dollar more than he paid the bloggers who
linked their sites to his. Some one also told me that Lewis' wife is Nancy Foster, whose
photo appears as “Blog Leaderboard”. TravelGolf.com,
what a scam. This is a web site, it clearly isn’t a
real publication. Lewis is a loser and his advertisers are finding that out.


10:00 AM  

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