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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Media Guru, Hooked on Golf start "The Golf Space"

My buddy Tony K, aka the Media Guru and also aka Hooked on Golf Blog has started a new site.

It's called the Golf Space:

Here's how Tony describes it:

"A little less than 2 months ago I was driving down the street when this new web site idea hit me. The thought blew me away so bad I almost drove off the road. The idea: Build a networking site like myspace for golf. I couldn't get home fast enough to start researching URLs for the new golf/myspace site. I was fortunate enough to register http://www.thegolfspace.com - The Golf Space. For the next 6-7 weeks I burned the candles at both ends building the site, getting opinions, finding cool modules etc.


The Golf Space is a "networking" site geared toward golf. Networking in this sense refers to the connection of friends, businesses and business associates. This is a similar concept to many social networking sites like myspace.com, tagworld.com, friendster.com, orkut.com etc. People or businesses register accounts and fill out profile information. They then become part of a network and can find people or other businesses with similar likes or interests.

Personal profiles

Each Golf Space user has his/her own personal profile. Within the profile is a ton of information about the user such as location, interests, matchmaker info, golf information (handicap, home course, lowest score, equipment list), what they're there for (networking, friends, business, matchmaker etc), blog entries, forum posts, personal photos, visitors, connections and more."

There's alot of other stuff too, so go check it out. Here is the link. best of luck Tony...and have a really fun Masters...his favorite tournament. Here's the link for more.

I will also praise the excellent job Tony did covering the TPC, arguably my favorite tournament of the year save the Open Championship, (no not the US Open, the British). It will be great seeing the FIFTH MAJOR next year in May. Also, I plan on seeing everyone from Winged Foot this year...and from Royal Liverpool...not covering the Open Championship, but as a player in a tournament held there this October. We'll play both Hoylake (the familiar name for Rpyal Liverpool and the excellent nearby links at Wallasey.


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