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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pix of the redan (number 11) at CC Charleston

I dont have time to do a full blown piece today, but two quick things need to be addresses. First, in case anyone is confused from OLD pictures of CC Charleston...those wings you see? On either side of the bunker. Those were MEANT to be the green when Raynor designed it and will be again. The green got smaller over decades as the green got cut smaller and smaller. The green once wrapped entirely around the bunker...and will again.

Now, these pix are of Number 11 at Country Club of Charleston - their rightly famous Redan. So deep the bunkers, so severe the slope and so dramatic the false front that this hole even bequiled no less a personage than Ben Hogan so that he snarled from the "mumble tank," "Well you have 17 great holes here..."


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