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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why is someone googling "Fossil Trace golf cart girls?"

The cool thing about websites is you can see who's checking you out and what they were looking for.

Take this for example. While doing a routine check on what people were googling when they found me, someone was searching...get this..."Fossil Trace golf cart girls."

Come again??? Why on earth would somebody be googling that? What did they expact to find? A pinup calendar? Is there some contest I don't know about?

Crazy thing is somehow my site comes up first....the search picked up my interview with Jim Engh as having "Fossil Trace," "golf cart" and "girls."

Thank you word based search engines.

Nevertheless, Jim Hajek! Call your office! And keep a sharp eye out for over testosteroned lunkhead golfers...moreso than normal!


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