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Monday, February 28, 2005


Tuesday I'll have the Maples interview/Pit Article up. In the meantime, I want to introduce you all to some people without whom my book could not be written. Please take the time to read these and check their links since you never know when you too may want to reach out to them for whatever you need. I vouch for them - stout hearts all.

Since the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client, David Rose of Pryor Cashman Sherman and Flynn, Jeff Levy of Roberts and Ritholz and Peter Glass of Anderson Kill, all from Manhattan, have all "let business take care of business so the writer can take care of writing." They are all an entertainment and IP lawyer's entertainment and IP lawyer and are among the world's elite movers and shakers in the biz, yet are sincere, warm and generous. Check out David's firm, Jeff's firm, and Peter's firm to see their A list clientele and terrific achievements.

Next Barry Neville my agent has been a terrific fighter for me. He's at The Neville Agency and helps me win the points I need with the publishers.

Next, Mike and Heidi Strantz, Fuzzy Fezler, Brian Silva and the entire Maples family (see my blogroll!) have opened their hearts and devoted their most precious asset, thier time, to helping me nail down the details of design and architecture. The only thing more superlative than their talent as designers is their collective collegiality, consideration, patience and generousity. If only all businesses were conducted in this spirit, a throwback to an age many decades past, this would be a far merrier world.

Next, fellow writers Robert Thompson, musey, media guru, instamarv, and Larry at No three Putts and Brent Kelley all provide insight and comeradery along this incredible and fulfilling journey. I may not be playing well at this moment, but I am playing with wonder and ineffable joy...and that is a great gift.

Next, Nancy C. and Carrie have faithfully typed page after page of gibberish which has somehow crafted itself into well...insert your own description here.

Thanks to all the musicians, film makers, authors, software developers, TV producers and broadcasters I am privileged to call clients and friends. Like me, you dare to dream, chase the dream, live the dream and share the love through your art. I am proud to count you among my extended family. Plus the music rocks, the films inspire, the products pioneer, the TV shows...well...;);)

Finally, thanks to my family, friends, all the hard working golf industry professionals all over the USA and to my two regular weekend foursomes - Steve D, Wink, Chucky and the strict rules on Saturday crew, and all the laid back but plucky newbies I take out on Sunday like Jay Kogan, Nancy, and others who count everything even up to 140 even though I'd give them the freebies since they are just starting out. For you purists, my dad once said to me when I was a kid and was teaching a friend to play, but sticking him with rules, "You dont teach someone by screwing them." Thanks dad and mom for all the life lessons and for believing in me with white hot faith.

Last, thanks readers for getting what I'm doing. This project is for every man and woman who wants an epic golf vacation at an affordable price. They are out there and they are more moving than you know...but are finding out. Keep coming, keep spreading the word and keep playing. The end of the tunnel is in sight. Oh, and always remember golf's real magic. Golf makes dreams come true. Golf keeps families together. Golf is a zen cleansing. Golf is a never ending adventure. Golf is meeting new people and finding common ground and breaking down barriers that divide us. Golf is the truest window to a person's soul. Love golf for its wonderous variety, not the score, that's its most precious gift...the one you can't see.

See you in your area soon!



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