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Thursday, March 03, 2005


The feedback on the interviews has been staggering. Thanks everybody for all your enthusiasm. In the coming weeks we'll have interview bits with Mike Strantz (Tobacco Road, Caledonia, Royal New Kent), Brian Silva (Shaker Hills, Red Tail, Waverly Oaks) and others;);) Soon we'll have the end of the Maples interview. There is so much it may take TWO more days of posts to finish. In the mean time here's a shout out to some new AWITP friends we met in NC, including Wayne and Gordon from Sumter, SC who we hope to see at Kiawah Island later this year, Tom from VA, Dan D from The Pit and Steve R from Pinehurst.

Also, people have loved the "If Phil, Ernie, VJ and Tiger has a televised $1,000,000 bet of their own money on one public golf hole, where would you take them," Mike Strantz selected No. 11 at Tobacco Road...with a back right pin placement. A long heroic carry over a yawning cavernous waste bunker, "That deep bunker would be tough on depth perception."


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