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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Huge Upset in Sweet Sixteen! Thompson upsets Ross

Can you say CANADIAN CLUB?! Stanley Thompson ROLLED Donald Ross in the Sweet Sixteen like he was a baby seal! It was a romp...and that's WITHOUT Rob Thompson's vote. In the other match of greatest interest, Tom Doak defeated Harry S. Colt by ONE VOTE. Voting for this round continues till Sunday night at 5PM. Vote here, at the bracketmaker site, (see below), my email or for those architecture experts, vote over at "The Think Tank";)

Here are the matchups:

St. Andrews Regional Final

1 Pete Dye vs. 2 William Flynn (surprisingly, he beat Coore and Crenshaw by a comfortable margin...can you call this a mild upset despite the seedings?)

Bandon Regional Final

1. A.W. Tillinghast vs. 2 Tom Doak (watch this one...there could be an upset)

Augusta Regional Final

2. C.B. Macdonald vs. 5. Stanley Thompson

Cypress Point Regional Final

1. Alistair Mackenzie (Devries actually got a surprising number of votes. Way to go underdog...hat's off to you)

vs. 2 Seth Raynor (This looks to be a heavyweight bout going all fifteen baby...another round...I didn't hear no bell!...That's from Rocky for those of you scoring at home. Rocky rules.)


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